Memory Care

Memory Care would be for those individuals who have Dementia or Alzheimer’s. It is a signature of Covington Senior Living Center. The activities, programs really touch on helping residents with memory recall, reminiscence fine motor skills, sequencing.

We do a lot of gardening, we have a lot of animal therapy and intergenerational activities. There’s always a companion or someone to be with the resident. And so the programs are different, assisted living or independent living to memory care, the activity programs that we do. Typically the memory care are the differences that the unit is locked down for their safety. Those are folks who might wander or get lost and higher staffing ratios are kind of a signature service of a memory care and those activities, that really prompt reminiscence and the environment is more family like.

Communities are at 30 to 35 apartment homes and residents are more in a community setting where they become more family like and more family style dining, less restaurant style dining. We really adjust everyday activities into structure. These are folks were really needing to know what comes next and kind of queuing and prompting and a lot of oversight for safety. Some residents who really try to get involved in folding their own laundry and helping set the tables and cleaning, these are ladies and gentlemen who’ve been active their whole life.

Here at Covington Memory care unit we have spouses who are more independent living on our assisted living side and have a loved one on the memory care side too. So it’s nice that they can be together, still share meals and see each other every single day. They can visit their spouse safely and conveniently. A lot of these folks are needing more frequent checks at night. We do more end of life hospice care also on that unit as well. It is the most special part of what we do at Covington senior living, is take care of those folks that have memory impairments.

Our memory care suites, one thing that makes them unique and specialists, we do have Dutch doors, so the bottom of the door can close and the top can stay open. So residents can be in their room but be still safely supervised. So they have the feeling of safety and security, but we also have the ability to look in on them frequently and make sure that they’re safe and doing All of our apartments have a state of the art nurse call system and we have a system that has a fall alert monitoring.

People with dementia, sometimes are overwhelmed with children, musical events or large crowds. We can have them go into the theater room and put a nature video on, and have them kind of have a separate space. Its a warm environment.

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