About Us

At Covington Senior Living we believe that our residents can age with purpose. It is our sincerest desire to provide genuine opportunities for moments of daily joy in the lives of the seniors we serve.

Mindy met John & Carol while they were caring for Carol’s parents. They built a friendship based on love and trust while striving to give the best care for Carol’s parents. As fate would have it, their business life brought them back together a few years ago and together they founded Covington Senior Living.

Mindy & Justin Hill and John & Carol Probst started Covington Senior Living with one goal in mind to take their decades of experiences of caring for their own loved ones and create a place where seniors are revered, loved and celebrated. They based their business model on a dream that they could run a successful assisted living business and bless peoples lives while doing it.

We are eternally grateful to our many employees, volunteers, residents, family members, colleagues and community members that help us carry out these dreams every moment of every day. I know and feel the Lords hand in all of this. We have an exciting future with a fun road ahead!

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